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50 Ukulele Licks

A Collection of 50 Ukulele Licks is a resource that has been created by the musician Luca Tomassini also known as Jontom. The resource is is divided into five genres of music; Blues; Pop; Rock; Folk & Hawaiian. Each genre has ten licks, adding up to fifty in total. Some of the licks in each genre are inspired by some famous musicians such Jake Shimabukuro, Muddy Waters & Willie Nelson to name a few, and Jontom shares some licks of his own.

What do you get when you purchase? If you buy the licks for one genre, you get the links to download ten high quality instructional videos each lasting about two minutes. The video tutorials are clearly explained and have the benefit of having two playing views on the same screen, now that’s a nice touch. You’ll also receive PDF Tabs of each of the licks. So Jontom meets the needs of both auditory and visual learning styles.Buy the complete package and you’ll have all fifty instructional videos and PDF Tabs for each lick.

I’ve used some of the easier licks for teaching intermediate level playing kids of eleven to thirteen years of age. I’ve found they can learn them quite quickly when prepared to stick at trying them until they’re playing them. However, if you’re a complete beginner at playing the ukulele, they might not be for you just yet, but they’re worth having for inspiration and working towards playing.

With wide access to the Internet for downloading, I believe Jontom has discovered a niche market. However, just as a note, if you’re in a country that still has data-capped Internet and limited download speed like in New Zealand, it’s worth knowing that the combination of all fifty licks is about 1.3 GB in size.

What makes the resource extremely attractive is the price and the easy access to it. At 2 Euros for each genre or 8 Euros for all you’ve have a resource that you can use at home or on the go with a video playing phone. Go ahead choose all the genres, pay the fee, download, and expand your playing repertoire. You won’t be disappointed!


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