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Songsheet Generator – A Review

What do you get a ukulele player for Christmas that isn’t a ukulele? Answer – a download of ‘Song-sheet Generator’. It’s closely related to the program Chord Pro. I recently came across this super FREE little program that allows you to write down your songs, add chord diagrams, and produce songbooks. It’s available for download for both PC and Mac computers, and makes use of programs like notepad (PC) and TextEdit (Mac) both programs usually come free with your computer.

Song-sheet Generator’s main focus is the guitar but it also offers the facility to add chords for the ukulele too. It has a lot of chord shapes for the guitar already formatted, but for the ukulele you have to custom create your own. It’s not difficult to do, allowing you to create alternative fingering diagrams too. There is a online help guide, but I found it more helpful to copy it into a Word document to print. You can highlight the chorus in songs, and add the chord diagrams to a song-sheet. You can produce your song-sheet in a variety of ways, for instance, plain text or HTML files.

Here are a couple of examples of song sheets made using song-sheet generator:

‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ & ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’.

In summary:

  • Is it worth downloading? – YES
  • Is it easy to use? – YES
  • Can kids use it? – YES
  • Is it free? – YES (But consider paying a small donation)
  • Where do I find out more about it? – By clicking here.

Enjoy your Christmas and may Santa and Rudolph bring you the new ukulele you have on your list.


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