Other Helpful Resources

Ukulele Chord Chart

I discovered this ukulele chord chart in the forums of Ukulele Underground. It has been produced by Fred Sipe, who has kindly allowed Ukulele 4 Kids to host a free downloadable copy.

I think it is a super chord chart for kids of all ages. The chord positions are for standard GCEA tuning. It is clearly laid out over two sides. On one side there are three useful headings,

  1. ‘Ukulele Keys’, This shows the 11 basic ukulele chords in every major key.
  2. ‘Individual Notes’ for the first 12 frets of the fretboard are shown to help with learning individual notes.
  3. ‘Chords to Learn First’. Highlighted are the very first chords to learn – C, F, G & Am. These chords alone will allow you to play many, many songs.

On the other side of the chart are the root major chords, and variations of the root chord are shown.

There are more than enough chords on the chart to play thousands of songs over your lifetime.

It is available free to download in PDF format. You can also purchase a quality laminated copy for a very reasonable $4.95 US.

Basic Ukulele Chords

A new page was added to the site today called ‘chords’. On this page you will find all the basic ukulele chords that you should need to play almost every song. They have been listed in alphabetical order so that they are easier to follow for kids of any age. You are more than welcome to download, adapt the chord chart and share with others. Please let others know where you got the chart from, and come back and visit the site regularly.

Download Ukulele 4 Kids chord chart

Ukulele Boot Camp

I recently came across a super resource called ‘Uncle Rod’s, Ukulele Boot Camp,’ that I feel would improve the skills of all kids playing the ukulele, whatever their level of playing. The resource’s focus is for ukulele players to learn the basic skills required to allow you to use the ukulele to make music. This method does NOT require you to read music or to learn Music Theory. The resource focuses on learning chords by name & forming them accurately then moving from chord to chord smoothly while strumming the strings in time with the music.

There are two main parts to the resource.

  • Learning about Chord Diagrams and
  • Using Practice Sheets

The section on learning about chord diagrams and using the practice sheets is clear and easy to understand. The five practice sheets in the key of C, F, G, A & D are clearly laid out and easy to follow.

Uncle Rod (Rod Higuchi) has kindly given permission to ukulele 4 kids to use his wonderful resource, and host a copy for you to download and use.

In summary, the Ukulele Boot Camp is a simple, challenging idea that will definitely improve your ukulele playing no matter what your level of experience. I’ll be using it to help me teach kids to play the ukulele.


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