6 comments on “Matthew plays Beach Boys classic on ukulele using his toe!

  1. Absolutely amazing! I know adults with a full complement of fingers who would love to be able to play that well!

  2. Yep, here’s more proof that where there is a will a way will follow:

    These guys are my inspiration when I start making excuses for my rather meager skills…


  3. Matthew is great, and certainly an inspiration! Bless him for not letting his hand get in his way and having a good time with the Uke!
    While we are on the subject of beating the odds and not letting a handicap get in the way of greatness, You certainly ought to introduce him to Django Reinhardt as well. In my estimation, Django was the greatest guitar player to ever live, and he no use of two fingers on his left hand. He was not born that way, rather an accident, but he certainly overcame it and went on to be, well, the best ever.

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us U4K’s…

    Matthew you are an inspiration to us mate, keep on ukeing and bringing joy to folks you play to, you got some serious talent my friend. Looking forward to some more of your videos

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