5 comments on “Haere Mai

  1. E Komo Mai, welcome here in Hawaii…
    that was awesome kiddies..loved it…thank you for sharing..Happy Strummings Gang….

  2. ‘g’day’!!! welcome in Australian! :o)

    just lovely you guys, such beautiful voices you have and awesome playing from the fellas in front. Beautiful song and beautiful sentiment…but, just one question…who was that big kid on the left??? Guess he must have repeated grade 3 a few times, eh? he he…keep em coming gang, you’re all fantastic!!!

  3. Good question, Jon – I was thinking how amazing it was how he can sing without his mouth moving like that. Perhaps he is actually a ventriloquist posing as a big kid playing the ukulele??

  4. Grade 3 was the best 10 years of my school career Jon! I tried the singing but my off key baritone didn’t really do the song justice-the kids deserve better than that! They worked really hard to learn the song for our school concert and did a great job. And enviro, I’ll take the ventriloquist comment as the compliment I’m sure it’s meant to be-knowing your husband, it’s clear you have a soft spot for dummies in your life!

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